Objectives of SLCEP

  1. Promote and encourage the study, research and advancement of the science and practice of emergency medicine.
  2. To establish guidelines for quality emergency medical care.
  3. To determine and maintain professional standards for the practice of emergency medicine in Sri Lanka.
  4. Establish the status of Fellowship of the College and admit appropriately qualified members of the College to that status.
  5. Hold or sponsor meetings, lectures, seminars, symposia or conferences within or outside of Sri Lanka to promote understanding of emergency medicine and related subjects and professional relations among members of the College, members of other health professions, scientists and the community in general.
  6. To advocate on any issues affecting college members' ability to meet their responsibilities to patients, the profession and the community.
  7. Foster and promote cooperation and association with organisations that have objectives similar to the Sri Lanka college of emergency physicians.
  8. To promote emergency medicine education for patients and the general public, including government and private institutions.
  9. To monitor issues affecting the interest of the college or the professional interest of its members and to take all such actions as may be deemed necessary for the protection of those interests and provide advice and support to members to assist them in establishing and maintaining an appropriate work, life balance and to meet the challenges of their professional life effectively.
  10. To promote the development and coordination of quality emergency medical services and systems, including pre-hospital care, disaster medicine and retrieval medicine.
  11. To encourage emergency physicians to assume leadership roles in pre-hospital care and disaster management.
  12. To evaluate the social and economic aspects of emergency medical care.
  13. To promote universally available and cost-effective emergency medical care.
  14. To promote policy that preserves the integrity and independence of the practice of emergency medicine.
  15. To encourage emergency physician representation within medical organisations and academic institutions.
  16. To promote and implement subspecialties of emergency medicine.